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Meta Rebelz Pixelz

Founded by David Taylor and Robert Lail. Both have come together in the Web 3 space to propel it forward. As a whole we aim to bring everyone together regardless of gender, ethnicity, religion, ideology or community. Meta Rebelz Pixelz is a unique and randomly generate collection of 8500, of 150x150 pixelated NFT known as the MetaRebelz Pixalated Collection. 

Supported by a passionate core community at our backbone, Meta Rebelz continues to push the boundaries in NFTs. The ecosystem, which now includes Pay by Card, and the popular mint spinner. Meta Rebelz is focused on utility, innovation, and community, while also expanding our IP into traditional Web2.

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You need to pay a GAS fee during minting. Only Ethereum Web3 mints are currently eligible to play our β€œspin to win” play to earn product.

How to mint (NFTs)

An NFT is a token built and managed on a blockchain that represents ownership of an asset. Our NFTs require payment in Ethereum.

Here's a step-by-step guide to making an NFT purchase.

1. Some exchanges like Coinbase have built-in wallet features that are offered when you open an account, but other options include dedicated wallets like MetaMask.

2. Purchase Ethereum on a crypto exchange such as Coinbase or Kucoin etc.

3. Transfer your Ethereum to your crypto wallet. Think of it as a digital checking account that stores and transfers your cryptocurrency.

4. Connect your wallet to an NFT marketplace. Once connected, you can start browsing the marketplace's NFT collection and make a purchase.

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